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a photo of Dr. Michael Collins in a suit

About Dr. Collins

      Hello! My name is Dr. Michael Collins and I have been a Chiropractor since 2008. 

      As my parents before me, I've been in the Springfield area all my life. Since my father is a cardiologist, I was always drawn to the healthcare field. Several of my brothers and sisters became registered nurses and due to their influence, I knew that was the field for me. 

      I've been a registered nurse since 1994, working in some local hospitals, with dialysis as my specialty. I was always looking for a more natural way to improve people's health and now with chiropractic, I can!

      Living with chronic pain from a high school wrestling injury made it tough for me to do my nursing duties. A friend told me about a Chiropractor he was seeing and I thought, it couldn't hurt. After a short time of chiropractic adjustments, I was amazed at how good my low back felt, even with increased activity. 


      It was at that time I realized this is how I can help give people back their life, just as I was given back mine.

      The POWER OF CHIROPRACTIC is what I want to give you. 

About Julie Collins

     Julie Collins is the office manager at the Pain Relief and Wellness Center and has acted as a Chiropractic Receptionist for the last decade.


Prior to finding this calling, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Mercy Hospital, as well as worked as a Home Health Aid for several years.


When she is not in the office, she is spending time with her husband of 29 years, 3 children, and their cat, Tigger. 

a photo of julie collins
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